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Freelance Writer currently living in Eugene, OR. Previously been published by Frontier's Magazine, Capital Hill Times, and Seattle Gay Scene. Also, ran and operated his own online magazine called New Queer on the Block from 2012 to 2015. You can follow him on Twitter @WriterBoi97402.

Bar Review: Saint John's Bar & Eatery

by Gina Luna and Brian Peterson - The Capitol Hill Times - "It's not pretentious, but delicious." Without trying, Michael Lee, guitarist of local band the Young Evils and co-owner of Saint John's Bar & Eatery, summed up the latter's menu while also creating an excellent tagline. I first met Lee a year prior on Saint John's back patio while his band prepped for its performance at the Capitol Hill Block Party. The back patio is special, but the whole venue is hospitable for war

Theater Preview: Lollyville, Add a Ghost to Your Weekend

by Brian Peterson - The Capitol Hill Times - It's happening. Macha Monkey Productions" world premiere of "Lollyville" is showing in Capitol Hill now through May 24. The plot of "Lollyville, " written by Bret Fetzer and Juliet Waller-Pruzan, follows the vengeful ghost of traveling salesman who returns to the site of his "fatal heartbreak," which happens to be an isolated, all-woman town by the name of Lollyville. As the ghost seeks out revenge and heartbreak, a riff develops amon

Art Preview: Retracing roots with Lui Xiaodong at SAAM

by Brian Peterson - The Capitol Hill Times - Only two months remain to see thriving Chinese artist Lui Xiaodong's show "Hometown Boy" at the Seattle Asian Art Museum GÇô an exhibition that captures Xiaodong's artistic journey of turning back time to his hometown before he left to study art and became an International Contemporary Artist. Today Xiaodong is a tenured professor in the painting department at Central Academy of Fine Arts. It's the same place where, after turning 17, he

Op-Ed: What It Really Means to be a Drag Queen

This morning I pull out my Madonna collection, more specifically her Immaculate Collection album, because it is the albums’ 25th Anniversary and I start to think about my fellow drag queens and their attitudes towards each other and our community. In Seattle there has been a large increase of hate crimes or rather attacks on people in the LGBT community, and I ask where are the drag queens to protect the community from such hate-mongrel individuals who should be locked up? I will tell you where

OP-ED: Has the Trans Community Gone Too Far?

After a seven year hiatus, Ellen Degeneres returned as the host of The Oscars. The daytime talk show host and award winning comedian is a brilliant lesbian icon to many across the land. “Hello to the best Liza Minnelli impersonator I’ve EVER seen,” DeGeneres joked in her opening monologue, “Good job, sir.” Immediately the people across the land began attacked Degeneres for being transphobic. Has the trans community gone too far? Do you think Ellen is transphobic? Where do you draw the line betwe

Film Review: Bridegroom

The love story of Shane Bitney Crone and Tom Bridegroom is one filled with unconditional love, passion and a lack of equality. This Linda Bloodworth Thomason documentary is remarkable, touching and inspiring, and brings you into two different worlds: love and hate. There is a guarantee that by the end of the film you will not be tear less. This film comes at a time when marriage equality is somewhat flighting, but struggling in some states throughout the country. BRIDEGROOM is the story of love

Interview: Tess Berry-Hart

In 2013, Russian President Vladimir Putin made international headline news with his anti-gay legislature explosion by passing an anti-gay law prohibiting propaganda of homosexuality and pedophilia. The rest of the world has watched for months at the protests, riots and arrests of members in the Russian LGBT community. That play is called, ‘Sochi 2014’ and February it will take center stage around the world in a global event to take place at several theaters including in London and New York City.

Theater News: Theater Reacts to President Putin’s Anti-Gay Laws

While events are escalating in Russia with the LGBT community, theater artists and groups from around the world are reacting to the Russian Crisis. London Playwright, Tess Berry-Hart, has been working diligently hard with her play, “Sochi 2014”, which will be making a global event just before the kickoff of the 2014 Winter Olympics. But that’s not the only event that will be taking place to bring attention to the anti-gay laws of Russian President Putin. Why stop there? Why don’t we make this a

Interview: Vesa Kuosmanen and Henri Huttunen

Earlier this year we reported the announcement of “TOM the Movie” was entering pre-production. Tell us how this film came to your attention? How did this film give birth? Vesa studied filmmaking in the UK and the first thing many people mentioned to him upon hearing where he was from was Tom of Finland. Together with Henri they decided to find out who the man behind the pseudonym was. It turned out to be Touko Laaksonen, a man who had the most amazing life story. Since we love Touko’s art, it

Theater Review: “Rosemary” by Seth Tankus

Something remarkable and downright heinous happens when you turn thirty: you completely forget everything that happened in your twenties. I’m talking about artist who become theater critics that criticize a playwrights work and not doing their own research before going to critic a piece of art getting presented by a local artist. The local artist at the core subject of conversation is Seth Tankus, a recent graduate of Cornish College of the Arts and who presented a play during pride in June at V

Interview: UK Artist, Mike Bliss

Ladies and Gents, we are back with another edition of Artist Block Watch. There is an artist in London that should be on your radar and his name is Mike Bliss. Mike Bliss is a UK artist who should be globally celebrated for his pioneer work in modern times for LGBTQ art. His most recent show, “IDENTITY” was presented by himself at the London hotspot, ManBar ( in July 2013. There is a long line of celebrated pieces of art by Mike Bliss on his website,

OP-ED: The Space Needle are the Conservative Republicans and City Hall are the Liberal Democrats

The Seattle LGBTQ community made another victory this month by having the gay pride flag raised on top of Seattle City Hall for a few days and then will be raised once again for the 2013 Seattle Gay Pride Weekend. Given the history of the pride flag since 2010 it is safe to say that the Space Needle represents and embodies conservative republicans while Seattle City Hall represents and embodies liberal democrats. This is striking, bold and long overdue for the community but one has to wonder and

OP-ED: Dating in a HIV+ World is Strenuous, Exhausting and Passive Aggressive

Editor’s Note: This is an opinion editorial and does not reflect any journalistic style of writing. This article only delivers opinions and observations of one person and does not represent all people living with HIV or people who don’t live with HIV. There have been so many HIV negative guys in the dating pool to tell me that they are not bothered by my HIV Positive status, until the second or third date. When one finds out that they are HIV positive, it is typical to exclude the otherwise kno

THEATER REVIEW: “Paradisiacal Rites Saint Genet” at On the Boards

I’m not going to lie to, but when I heard that Saint Genet’s performance was like three and a half hours long I curled up into a little ball and quivered because no performance should be more that two hours in length. Sometimes you are surprised with ecstasy when speaking about the realities of live performance art because this performance was crazy! Especially for those of the queer persuasion. of arriving at this event, instead of socializing with your peers like you would normally do in the

Interview: David Drake

Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS is presenting a special 20th Anniversary of THE NIGHT LARRY KRAMER KISSED ME that will benefit BC/EFA and SERO Project on May 20th at the Gerard W. Lynch Theater at John Jay College (524 West 59th Street) in New York City. One night only this special performance will feature an all-star ensemble including David Drake,Brandon Cordeiro (Pearl at Kumble Theater of the Performing Arts), two-time Tony Award nominee Robin De Jesús (La Cage aux Folles, In the Heights),

Theater Review: “Fucking Fucking Fucking Ayn Rand” at Seattle Repertory Theatre

Since moving to Seattle the name Mike Daisey has surfaced a number of times. The last time Daisey came to Seattle with How Theater Failed America, I missed my opportunity to see his story-telling genius mind ticking and this time around I wasn’t going to miss this grand opportunity. The basis of this monologue is derived from two books by Ayn Rand, The Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged to just name a few works by Rand. Much like many liberals and people on the left in my generation, I was curious

Theater Review: Mike Daisey’s “AMERICAN UTOPIA” at Seattle Repertory Theater

The thing that I loved the most about Mike Daisey’s most recent two and a half hour, and no intermission, monologue is the humor, class and thought put into making AMERICAN UTOPIA come alive on stage currently playing at Seattle Repertory Theater. The monologuist, Mike Daisey, could not have returned to Seattle at a better time to deliver comedy and truth, and especially opening the four day long run on May Day. Oh the irony, but it’s also post tax season and everyones’ stress levels are dropped

THEATER REVIEW: Dysfunctional Fucked Up Family Delivers as Another Shining Point for Balagan Theatre

The title of this play indicates a specific place and time.  However, throughout the little dramas of the family in its story and with the spectacular performances from the cast we move beyond a specific time, August, beyond a specific place, Osage County Oklahoma, beyond the whispering walls and blacked out windows of a country home and witness a severely distressed family’s inevitable decline into oblivion. Violet Weston is the pill addicted matriarch of an out of touch Oklahoma family.  Desp

Theater News: Malaysian Government Sponsors an Anti-Gay Themed Musical, Abnormal Desire, to Teach Their Youth About LGBT

These are all terms and words that come to my mind when I found a story on about what the Malaysian government and a writer-director is up to. The Malaysian government should be kicked in the knees and balls for sponsoring a musical in Malaysia: Abnormal Desire. This musical features the countries top actors from both stage and film, and traveled all over the country including schools and big houses. The message behind this musical is daunting and clearly sends a message that Malaysi

Theater Review: Grey Gardens at ACT Theatre

GREY GARDENS is a co-production with ACT Theatre and The 5th Avenue Theatre, now running through June 2nd at A Contemporary Theatre in Downtown Seattle. Book by Doug Wright, Music by Scott Frankel, Lyrics by Michael Korie; directed by Kurt Beattie, Musical staging by Noah Racey and Musical Direction by DiStefano; based on the film Grey Gardens by David Maysles, Albert Maysles, Ellen Hovde, Muffie Mayer and Susan Froemke; for tickets visit or
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